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Mevlana Değişim Programı

2017-2018 Academic Year Mevlana Exchange Programme Applications


The application term for Mevlana Exchange Programme is between  10-24 February 2017.


Minimum required conditions to become Mevlana Exchange Programme  student are as follows:


-          -The student shall be a student of associate degree, undergraduate, postgraduate or  doctoral student registered at formal higher education programmes,


-          -The general academic grade point average of associate degree or undergraduate  students shall be at least 2,5 (two and a half) over 4 (four),


-          -The general academic grade point average of postgraduate and doctoral students shall be at least 3 (three) over 4 (four),


-          -During the evaluation, 50% of grade point average and 50% of language scores are taken into account and students are ranked using cumulative value of these two factors.


-          -Students studying at preparatory or first year of associate or bachelor’s degree and postgraduate and doctoral students studying at preparatory or scientific preparatory terms can not benefit from this programme for the first term that they have started their primary study.


Academic staff and students who will come to Marmara University in the frame of Mevlana Exchange Programme cannot be Turkish citizens.


-          Academic staff who want to apply the programme must submit their resumes/portfolios along with their application forms. The selection of the academic staff would be conducted on the basis of potfolio including Curriculum Vitae, list of publications or projects on the subject that he/she wants to work in the host university, work plan of the seminar that he/she will give in the host university. Exchange period for Academic Staff should be minimum 2 weeks.


-          Academic staff and students should make their applications to their University’s Mevlana Coordinatorship.


-           Turkish Higher Education Institutions should allocate maximum 20 % of the total quota for academic staff and student coming from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Krygyzstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.


-          Students must submit Transcript of Records and a document stating student’s language score during the application term.



Marmara Unıversity Mevlana Exchange Programme Protocols

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